Virtual Tastings

Here is where you'll find our upcoming tasting events! All done through Facebook Live! Jamie, our GM, hosts the events and has almost 20 years experience in the Hospitality Industry. He holds WSET and BII qualifications, as well as just being a bit of a booze hound!! He has a wealth of knowledge and an anecdote or 2 about pretty much every form of alcohol! He likes to keep things relaxed and our tastings are all about having a drink or 2 with a bit of learning alongside! Not a spittoon in sight!

Following the success of our public virtual tastings, we have created more bespoke versions for private groups - for more details or to Book, contact us

The specific products are chosen by us, but, if you have any special requests these can be discussed,  but prices may vary, We aim to use as much local (London/South East) product as possible